American Muslim Association Celebrates Meraj-Un Nabi Sallallah Alai Wa Salam On Saturday June 15th @ Gading Masjid at 6.30PM. Please bring your family and join in the historical program

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American Muslim Association
"Children are our hope!"

What's New?
Every Friday Evening Between 6 pm and 9 pm  food for donation to raise funds
for the benefit of our Mosque.
Three pieces fried chicken and fries $5.00 donation. A serve of Polau $5.00
Come reap the blessings of Allah (SWT) by supporting his house
AMA Overview
We are a Ahle Sunna wa Jamaat. Serving the Sunni Muslim community of the
Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We provide free Islamic education to adults
and children. We have almost 80 students in our weekend classes. We provide
Hifz classes, currently we have 5 students in our Hifz program. We have Zikar
program every Thursday evening. Quran Tafseer every Wednesday after
Maghrib Salaat. We have our a separate chapter for Ladies and Youth
Come Join Us:
We are here to serve you, come join our organization, pick up a membership
form at the Mosque. Be part of a history by joining a new organization that has
made a big difference in your community in such a short time. Be part of the
team that continues to focus on teaching and training your kids. We have a goal
to build a Mosque and a complete facility to accommodate your needs. We have
lots of plans for our community, please come and give us your hand so we all
can succeed and reap the benefits and blessings of Allah (SWT).  
We are here, to serve you